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Please read the below questions and answers.

How do I edit my listing? Firstly, you will need to login. Then a new menu item will be available in the top menu. Account . My Profile > “MY LISTINGS”.  Click on the listing that you wish to edit and you will be able to edit your listing and make any changes to them.

Please remove my directory listing. If you would like to remove or update the details on your listing, you may login to your account and edit or remove your listings directory. This is why we encourage users to sign up for a free account prior to creating their listings, so that they can access their listing for future changes or removal.

If you do not have a free membership (username and password), then you may have created your listing as a guest (not signed in). This means you will not be able to access your account to make changes because otherwise any guest could also access your listing to make changes. However, you may send us a request for removal or update via our contact enquiry form. Please include a link to the listing in the enquiry so that we can locate it with ease and without confusion (some businesses have similar names and have been listed in different categories or with different headings). You must include a link to the exact listing, not a category link that the listing may have appeared in. There are hundreds of listings in some categories and they are indexed with varying names (depending on what you called your listing at the time), so to save time and ensure quick removal, it would be appreciated if you could locate the listing that you are needing to be removed.

If someone else has added a listing and the notification was sent to your email address, then you can access that listing to delete or make changes to it by submitting a lost password request or a lost username request via the links under the log-in form on the right side of every page.

How did you get my details in your directory? We do not submit details ourselves or employ anyone to submit details. All submissions have been added to our directory via our “add my site” page. If you discover that your business or website has been listed on our site without your permission, this is not our fault. Anyone can list their business for free and whilst we manually moderate entries before approving them to ensure that this directory is not abused by spammers, we don’t conduct individual investigations into each listing to ensure that the owner of that business has given his or her approval. Many SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) consultants utilise our directory because it provides a valuable, way to bring traffic to their site. This simply means that they can add a clients website to our directory and we provide one or several links to the website that they are working to optimise. It can bring more traffic to your website. Have you employed someone to help your website rank higher on Google or Yahoo recently? Having your website listed in online directories like ours can be a valuable source of backlinks, so don’t get upset, annoyed or angry. Just be happy and go and have a hot drink. If there is something that you really don’t like about the actual listing, simply send us an email via our online enquiry form and we will happily remove or edit your listing.

How long will it take my entry to get approved?

We moderate each individual listing manually so as to keep those pesky spam entries out of our directory. Current moderation time on Paid listings is usually within 48 hours.

Why wasn’t my listing approved? Usually this is because you have selected a paid listing but you have not paid for it. Also, we moderate each individual listing manually and we have to reject a lot of spam entries in order to protect the quality of our directory and the quality of the listings. We don’t belly-ache over each listing. We have to moderate large numbers of listings, so we have to make quick decisions. Some listings are so obviously spam that we don’t even open up the submission to check the content because the heading so clearly spam. Things that give-away spam are poor spelling, randomly generated letters that don’t make sense or headings that include some of the more commonly promoted spam products. If we approve one of these “spammish” directory listings in, then news will quickly spread in their dark little networks and we will be flooded with more. It is time-consuming and expensive for us to be sifting through them every day, so we try to take measures to reduce them. If your entry contains inappropriate, adult content, then we will likely not approve it because we would like the directory to be a family-friendly directory and not a grubby directory full of sleazy links. We also moderate a large number of other forums and directories and have therefore decided to reject some types of medical and pharmacy product listings because we know how aggressive these marketers are and we have wasted too much time moderating their spam comments.

Family Friendly We are trying to keep this a “FAMILY FRIENDLY” directory and therefore, please don’t complain if one of our moderators decides to not approve your listing if the site you are linking to has products or details on it that some MAY consider to be of a nature that is not “family friendly”. We reserve the right to delete any listings that we choose without question. We reserve that right. Please see our terms and conditions.

Why are there so many typos in this directory? This directory is meant to be an “AUSTRALIAN directory”, and as such, we talk and type like Aussies. We spell many words differently than Americans. For example, we spell this word as “optimisation” instead of the American way, “optimization”. We try not to waste time fixing typos within each of the directory listings that are submitted in our directory. If you see a typo, please do let us know and we will try to fix it.

Can I advertise in this directory? Yes, you can advertise by submitting a paid entry in our “submit my site or business” form. If you would like to have a banner or special advertisement on every page, simply send us a copy of the banner or advertisement that you would like to promote (and the link destination) and we will review the advertisement and provide a quote on monthly or annual advertising.

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