Ritchie Business Solutions

  Contact Person: Colin Ritchie   Ritchie Business Solutions helps the principals of small law firms to improve profit, cash flow and practice valuation. We do this by working with you on improving your legal practice management and legal marketing. We offer both group coaching and one on one consulting to help you with your practice. These programs are delivered through a combination of face to face meetings, webinars, phone and email support. We also give you access to exclusive material we have developed to help small law firms. If your issues are ones of low profitability or lack of new work we can help you, as we have helped many firms to date. The Ritchie Business Solutions principal Colin Ritchie is a former Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience as a partner. As a starting point visit our website below, go to the Small Law Firm Blog and subscribe to our fortnightly blog. It concentrates exclusively on improving profit,cash flow and practice valuation for small law firms.

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