ECOJARRAH is Perth’s leading distributor of sustainable Wood chip mulch products. Dedicated to providing an economical and environmentally sustainable selection of premium grade high-quality Wood-chip products for all Landscape improvement and decoration requirements. At ECOJARRAH, our aim is to ensure that no Forestry timbers or excess by-product ends up in Landfill. By doing so, we have established a new recycling concept which creates a renewable products line. Our speciality range is various forms of Jarrah however we do supply most common timbers such as Eucalyptus, Pine bark and Red Gum Marri. Our products are evidently effective in the conservation of water by conducting long-term and on-going testing of moisture consumption and evaporation from the soil. Whilst we make all efforts in providing a beneficial additive to soils and plantation we also strive to ensure they transform the look of your Landscape with a beautiful ground cover appearance. So what makes us different from the rest?
  • We specialize in only timber Wood-chip products direct from WA manufacturers. In effect, this means we do not supply any other garden products such as sands, soils or composts.
  • We provide a convenient Spreading Service for all project requirements. Meaning we can install the product onto your property by a classic hands-on service or through the use of machinery.
  • We constantly keep up to date with other suppliers to ensure our pricing strategies are fair, affordable and competitive.
Contact us now and we will sort you out with all your landscaping mulch needs. At ecoJarrah we wish for nothing more than to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our products and services.

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