Are you looking for rare Asian antiques, but don’t know where to shop. Then, your troubles have come to an end. Now you have Kazari. Australia’s best online shop for modern and traditional crafts, clothes, ceramic, boxes, pottery, furniture pieces, art and a variety of other outdoor features. Kazari supplies customers with the finest antiques for 35 years. Our team travels to mysterious and undiscovered places in China, Japan and other Asian countries to find products with impeccable quality and unique design. Beautify your home with Asian inspired decor ideas and add a calm aura to the place you spend most of your free time. Simply visit our easy-to-navigate site and choose the piece that fits best in your home. No need to worry about price. Kazari offers a wide range of products that satisfy your budget and hunger for something new and original. Feel free to visit our Kazari warehouse located in 450 Malvern Rd, Prahran, Melbourne Vic 3181, Monday through Saturday.  

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