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Hello, I’m Tim Thornton and I work as a master clinical hypnotherapist, providing hypnotherapy Sydney since 2006. As a hypnotherapist, I help people access their limitless but undervalued subconscious mind. I help them to engage the self-healing and self-calibrating qualities that have become dormant or atrophied due to too much stress and anxiety, or just not knowing how to make proper use of it. In my Sydney Hypnotherapy clinic, I offer professional clinical hypnotherapy and hypnosis for various issues as well as life coaching for personal goals. I specialise in quit smoking hypnosis. After the stop smoking program, clients discover that their feelings, thoughts and responses regarding smoking are fundamentally changed. They no longer crave nicotine, no longer respond to stressful situations by thinking of having a smoke, or transfer to another bad habit. For many years i have been helping clients to lose weight with the Virtual Gastric Band Procedure. This hypnosis for weight loss method allows to change your eating patterns long term. I make every effort to deliver a quality service to help my clients achieve their desired goals. Part of this strategy involves using 60-90 minute session times and only working with no more than 20 clients in a week. However, this still means in a given year I deal with many clients with multiple issues. The exposure to numerous varied clients and their issues is an exponential experience that benefits my clients. Hypnosis is one of the best options to make rapid changes and a powerful tool to realise our potential. Achieve your goal with Hypnotherapy Sydney and be the best you can. I hope this website helps to give a realistic picture of my Sydney hypnotherapy clinic and brings you a little closer to the fantastic process of hypnotherapy.

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