Sydney Phobia Therapy

In Sydney Phobia Therapy, I offer a combination of evidence-based therapies including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy to give you freedom from those limitations. We help you get out of fear of Blood, Germs, Vomiting, Disease, Clowns, Heights, Lightning, night, Public Speaking, Crowds, Flying, Animals, Spiders and Snakes so that you can be happy without any fear. With working in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, Craig has a deep and sincere understanding of human nature, and takes a humanistic approach in his group, and one-to-one work. Craig also applies his solid knowledge of brain functioning and how it relates to Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, to ensure that he facilitates optimal outcomes in his work. Get an appointment today with the Best Hypnotherapist for phobia in the North Shore. Call Now!

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