Point to Point Distributions

Since its inception in 2013, Point to Point Distributions has been the leading supplier of hands-free car kits, and CP100 truck phones in Australia and New Zealand. Besides this, we are also the exclusive distributor of the extensive selection of the Bury Technologies in both the countries since 2002. We also supply a wide range of premium-quality reverse cameras, monitors, smart mirrors, and parking sensors. We stock only top-of-the-line brands like Parksafe and SmartPark and can set you up with all the necessary accessories including mounting brackets, wiring and cables, cameras and monitors, wireless systems, and more. Whether you’re looking for reversing equipment for the family car, a commercial van or truck, or even a trailer, we can help. We are the market leaders in the importing, warehousing, and disturbing of a wide range hand free vehicle communications products from leading manufacturers including Bury System 9 Technologies, SmoothTalker, Carcomm, RF Industries, Krusel, Parksafe, SmartPark, ToolGuard (Toolbox Alarm), Mobotron, iGrip, Kram and AF International. Our Products: Reverse Camera Bury System 9 Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit, R41 Roam & Cel Fi Roam R41, Celfi GO, RFI Antenna, Mobile Signal Booster, CelFi Go Telstra, Car Phone Holder, Mobile Phone Holder, Toolbox Alarm, Truck Phone. Why Choose Us? High-quality products from the leading brands, Competitive Pricing, Delivery across Australia and New Zealand, All products backed with a reliable warranty period, Expert technical support. All our products are in compliance with the Australian laws and standards. Moreover, our mobile phone holders & cradles come with exquisite features with the ability to charge your mobile phone and stay connected to an external antenna with a low cell phone signal strength in your car. For more information related to our products offered or for any queries, feel free to reach us at our registered number.

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