HomeKit Australia

HomeKit Australia, which is a part of the wholly Australian-owned Infrastructure South West Group, sells Apple HomeKit Products, Wireless Chargers, AC Wall Chargers, Apple Cables, and iPhone 12 Solutions. To make sure that we are offering you items with the very best quality, technology, and prices, we search extensively through hundreds of available products. We source, test, and approve only those products and services that we have personally used and only list those for sale. We get our Apple HomeKit products from Onvis, Miija, and others, and the available items include cameras, secure videos, motion sensors, contact sensors, and smart security sensor alarms. We also offer bedside lamps with wireless chargers, body scales, video doorbells, dehumidifiers, lights, LED light strips, and the HomeKit Advisory. Our selection of chargers includes the 10x Qi Wireless Charger, the 10w Wireless Dual Charger, iPhone Chargers, the Apple Watch Charging Puck, the Apple Watch USB Charger, and the MagSafe iPhone 12 Charger. We sell small-sized AC Wall Chargers that are in the 18w to 100w range, use GaN technology, and offer low heat and high efficiency. You can also get high output dual car chargers. If you require premium Apple MFi certified magnetic data cables with high capacity, we have ones with USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, and Lightning connectors. We get all the cables from the same Apple-certified MFI cable manufacturer. HomeKit Australia also offers iPhone 12 clear cases, chargers, and cables. You can buy products up to 1 kg and get free standard shipping. We generally ship on the same day we receive the order. For more information about our products and services, please visit us at https://homekitaustralia.com.au/collections/homekit-products & https://homekitaustralia.com.au/pages/about-us.

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